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Family events are magical!
Comedy Stage Magic
Show is Age Appropriate
Audience Participation
“Haredini” the Rabbit ("live rabbit”)
Professional Sound System
Fun Upbeat Music
Excellent references

“It was a total pleasure for all of us to have you perform at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre. It was the
PERFECT SHOW. It was the first sellout we’ve had for children in years. Everyone had their favorite
parts in the show, Hardini the rabbit, the women in the boxes, the snow and the comedy. You have a
fantastic ease and rapport with the audience and on top of it you have a wonderfully friendly and
professional crew working with you. We will have you back again for another wonderful show!
Lily Mazurek, Theatre Manager, Sunrise Civic Center Theatre.

"…thank you for all of your wonderful performances that have taken place here at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach. You have been a joy to work with and have in fact “wowed” the audiences. Not only are the children impressed and leaving wondering “how did he do that” so are the parents. I look forward to working with you again and again.”
Blake Merrell, Recreation Director, The Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach

“Once again you were magnificent. Thank you for making Sunfest’s Youth Park the best yet!"
Sue Ellen, Youth Park Entertainment, Sunfest

“On behalf of the Portsmouth, NH Rotary Club, I want to thank you for your incredible performance at the Music Hall. While the money raised was impressive in itself, your illusions, magic and mind
reading were the topic of discussion for weeks afterward. The executive director of the Music Hall
said he has not heard the audience laugh so much or for so long. The 350 members of the Rotary were so impressed by your family show that they want you back next year to headline once again! Your STANDING OVATION was well deserved."
Jay Levy, Chairperson/Producer of “Eradicate Polio Reality Night”, Portsmouth Rotary Club

If you are looking for a performer with over 25 years of experience, impeccable reputation and the
finely-tuned skills of an engaging magician, you must call South Florida Magician Gary Goodman!

Gary Goodman knows how important it is for you to have a memorable event!
Gary is the most sought family event magician in South Florida!
Over 10,000 satisfied families and counting!
Chosen by Walt Disney World to perform on their Cruise Ship “Magic”!
Performed in Over 200 schools!

Here's What Goes On at a Magical Family Event
Gary expertly combines the elements of big colorful props, story telling, audience participation, tons of humor, and his furry partner…Hare E. Houdini, a.k.a. Haredini.

The Family Event Magic Show (custom designed for all ages)
This 45-minute COMEDY MAGIC SHOW is designed to ‘wow’ your child’s specific age group. Gary’s ‘formula’ for designing each show is guaranteed to hold their attention!

The Family Event Magic & Talking Picture Show
Includes everything in The Family Event Magic Show plus the Talking

After drawing a funny face on a large drawing board it comes to life! As
the eyes and mouth move the kids go ballistic! The picture introduces
himself as Mark and begins to tell jokes, argues with Gary and sings a funny rap song. The kids can be heard saying ‘no way!’.

This package also includes a sound system and additional tricks that are choreographed to music.

The Family Event Magic & Levitation Show
Includes everything in the Family Event Magic & Talking Picture Show
(see above) plus the LEVITATION ILLUSION.

Gary performs this LEVITATION as the Grand Finale to the show. Performed to the Mission Impossible music, Gary positions two wooden chairs a few feet from each other. He then places a board across the backs of the chairs. The volunteer lies down on the board. Gary
carefully removes one of the chairs and then slowly removes the board.

We now have the volunteer suspended in the air! It looks like she/he is balancing only by the back of
the neck! Gary then passes a large hoola hoop around the volunteer showing there is no means

Gary arrives one hour prior to show time. He will be accompanied by a stagehand to assist with the additional equipment. This package also includes a sound system and additional tricks that are
choreographed to music.

The Grand Illusion Show
Includes The Family Event Magic & Talking Picture Show plus a Grand

Go to to view Gary's many Grand Illusions!

The Magic Animal Show
Includes The Family Event Magic & Talking Picture Show (see above). Four white South American Java Doves (Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Mo) appear magically and then disappear mysteriously throughout the show. In one of the tricks, a dove turns into Haredini the rabbit! As the Grand Finale, Gary makes a birdcage that is filled with four doves vanish into thin air!

The animal routines are choreographed to fun, upbeat music. This program includes a female assistant who plays an integral part in the program.
Your home or clubhouse will be turned into a mini-theatre with curtains and a great sound/music system. Gary’s hand-picked pre-show music gets everyone in the mood for a really big show! Gary arrives 1-1/2 hours prior to show time for his set-up. He is accompanied by a female assistant and stagehand. This show requires a 12x12 performing area.

The Teenager Show
Gary Goodman will astound your audiences with his ability to ‘get inside their heads’ and read their minds. This is a show combining mind-boggling feats of Mind Reading with humor and audience participation. Audience members are asked to think of specific information – dates, names, interests, destinations. Watch as Gary expertly predicts what only the volunteer can know! It’s unexplainable… yet undeniably entertaining! Prepare yourself for the unimaginable.

(Recommended for 8 year olds and up.) After the magic show, Gary will spend another 30 minutes teaching all the children how to do magic tricks with everyday objects. He supplies paper napkins, straws, rubber bands, coins, and any other items for demonstration.

May be added to the program. (Go to Gary’s corporate website at

This is a 30-minute performance of adorable balloon sculpting. Gary
lets each child choose their favorite animal. He makes over twenty-five
different ones! They can choose polar bears, alligators, turtles, frogs, swans, rabbits, and even crazy funny balloon hats.
They’re not complete until Gary draws the perfect expression on their face!

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