“…thank you for all of your wonderful performances that have taken place here at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach. You have been a joy to work with and have in fact “wowed” the audiences. Not only are the children impressed and leaving wondering “how did he do that” so are the parents. I look forward to working with you again and again.”
Blake Merrell, Recreation Director, The Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach

“…thank you for a “magical” evening at our Family Chanukah Celebration. Everyone was raving about your show and felt you were an EXCELLENT CHOICE…we felt the same.”
Danielle Marks, Children Services Director, Adolph and Rose Levis Jewish Community Center

“You were great! You certainly made our Mother and Daughter Banquet a huge success. What a great way to bring the young and old generations together. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did! And you were FUNNY too!”
Sheila Lowe, Church of the Palms – Congregational

“Once again you were magnificent. Thank you for making Sunfest’s Youth Park the best yet!"
Sue Ellen, Youth Park Entertainment, Sunfest

“Our summer conference is geared to include our wives and children and your magic presentation was one of the highlights of the conference. You had all of the children (all ages) in the palms of your hands which, in turn, gave the parents great pleasure in seeing their children being so wonderfully entertained.”
R. Earl Collins, Manager, Conference of County Court Judges of Florida

“It was a total pleasure for all of us to have you perform at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre. It was the PERFECT SHOW. It was the first sellout we’ve had for children in years. Everyone had their favorite parts in the show, Hardini the rabbit, the women in the boxes, the snow and the comedy. You have a fantastic ease and rapport with the audience and on top of it you have a wonderfully friendly and professional crew working with you. We will have you back again for another wonderful show!”
Lily Mazurek, Theatre Manager, Sunrise Civic Center Theatre.

“On behalf of the Portsmouth, NH Rotary Club, I want to thank you for your incredible performance at the Music Hall. While the money raised was impressive in itself, your illusions, magic and mind reading were the topic of discussion for weeks afterward. The executive director of the Music Hall said he has not heard the audience laugh so much or for so long. The 350 members of the Rotary were so impressed by your family show that they want you back next year to headline once again! Your STANDING OVATION was well deserved.”
Jay Levy, Chairperson/Producer of “Eradicate Polio Reality Night”, Portsmouth Rotary Club


“Your performance of magic was wonderful! Your sweet personality always captivates the audience. I know I can always count on you to captivate and entertain my guests. Thank you so much for an amazing and magical Bar Mitzvah.”
Bobbie Ackerman

“I truly feel you far exceeded all of our expectations!” You really are one of the best, Gary!"
Lisa Arens

“…outstanding performance…You were truly the
highlight of the evening! I’d also like to commend you on your professionalism. Your stage act was tremendous and we are still hearing positive comments. Everyone was impressed.”
Marcie Gorman

“Your personal attention and professionalism was at its best at our recent double Bat Mitzvah. It is difficult to recount to you the number of compliments we received on your talents and entertaining personal manner in which you provided your services to our guests.”
Milton and Ricki Barbarosh

“You added a special touch of magic and illusion that made the evening very spicy and different.”
Rachel Bensimon

“…extremely pleased…For the entire four hours you entertained our guests, they were intrigued and amazed at your endless magic tricks. Your performances were unobtrusive and helped entertain both young and old. We
whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone looking for similar entertainment. Many of our friends have already asked for your number!”
Sara Blumberg

“Thank you for making Josh’s Bar Mitzvah such a wonderful memory. Without your help our evening would never have been as magical as it was.”
Susan and Mike Bubis

“Bobby was thrilled with his part of your Illusion Show and we still don’t know how he did it! Everyone loved your sleight of hand and humor. We will recommend you to everyone.”
Jill Cliodbowski

“Thank you for making my Bat Mitzvah a truly Magical Night. Everyone is still talking about the extra special touch you added.”
Cari Cohen

“Our guests are still raving about your close up magic. You’re very talented as well as personable and we hope to work with you again.”
Nancy Cohen

“You are truly “the Ultimate Entertainer!!! You captured everyone’s attention with your Zig Zag Illusion. You have a marvelously rich and deep voice that commands and draws attention and you are very professional in your demeanor and stage presence. You amazed and captivated our guests who ranged from the youngest at 2 years and the oldest at 90 years. When you performed the Harry Houdini Trunk Escape you amazed everyone!! All our guests were clapping when you appeared outside the trunk, but when the trunk was opened and your assistant appeared inside the red bag tied with rope and handcuffed, they were speechless with amazement! All I kept hearing was “how did they do that?” Thank you again for being reliable and dependable. It was indeed a pleasure to book you for our special day.”
Carrie & Frank Cuoco

“You were great and we are still trying to figure out how you did your magic. We look forward to using you again!”
Gail DiVeronica

“The Production Illusion was a smashing success! Your sleight of hand magic was amazing!
Thanks for making the evening a huge success.”
Cheryl Elblonk

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU! Your work at Jeffrey’s Bar Mitzvah was truly “magical.” You started off the evening mesmerizing our guests with your close-up magic. Then you topped off our event with your comedy magic and illusion show – but the best was the snow illusion and the way you worked in the story I gave you about Jeffrey was fabulous!! If I ever need a “magical” moment in my life again, I know whom to call. From the bottom of my heart, my family and I thank you.”
Diana Feibelman

“Your show added such a special touch to Steve’s Bar Mitzvah party. It was certainly one of the highlights for Steve and our guests. Including “Steve” in your act made him feel like a “STAR” and greatly impressed his friends.”
Leslie H. Friedlander

“Thank you for making our party a success. Everyone is talking about Sara coming out of the box and the wonderful entrance it made. You are truly a professional and I would recommend you to anyone interested in enhancing their party.”
Cindy and Alan Gaber

“You made the evening magical. Thanks for being such an important part of the day.”
Ellen and Eric Geinte

“Thank you for making Rich’s party a success. Everyone enjoyed all your magic.”
Linda Goldberg

“All the feedback I got was great. We will recommend you to anyone looking for unique entertainment.”
Lisa Goldstein

“You were awesome! You definitely made the difference in my party. I will call you again.”
Katia Goldvarg

“So many of the guests were impressed with your expertise as well as being amused and entertained. It was wonderful that you were able to make your way to literally every individual in the room throughout the evening’s festivities. The best part was that for those who sat and are not generally considered dancers, you being there made the party so much more fun for them. We do not hesitate for one moment to recommend you. Not only because you have a tremendous gift in your magic, but also because of your wonderful personality and the way you were able to mix with everyone both young and old.”
Randy and Rocco Grasso

“All of my friends and family thought you were wonderful! You are the best magician I have ever seen. Honest! You made a bunch of 13 year olds who would normally shy away from a magician actually want more.”
Lindsey Greenberg

“You’re personality, talent and quality of service further enhanced this special day in life of our son, Drew, and the rest of his family and friends. We will highly recommend you to anyone seeking a terrific magician.”
Caryn and Paul Harris

“veryone at Michael’s Bar Mitzvah enjoyed all your Magic! You were truly a hit! What great entertainment.”
Ilene Hersh

“You did a great job entertaining BOTH children and adults. I will definitely call you again for another party.”
Vicky Hersh

“A lifetime of “thank yous” for a lifetime of incredible memories! That is what Gary Goodman’s most exciting and fascinating show has provided to all my guests and most importantly to my son and our family! You are a first class act! A very special combination of a brilliant magician and entertainer as well as the most organized, professional and honest business man I have ever worked with. We were so honored to have you perform at our son’s 13th Birthday…The evening was so magical from your incredible illusions!”
Michele Hodkin

“Thank you so much for all your magic and hard work. Everyone loved having you there. Thank you for making the Bar Mitzvah special.”
Cindy Howard

“Thanks for bringing your wonderful magic to Justin’s Bar Mitzvah. You really wowed the kids and adults.”
Bill Kitzes

“The kids just followed you around like the “Piped Pier” on the boat. Can you imagine kids not wanting dessert! They just wanted to be with you. One of my friend’s told me that her son said he would only have his Bar Mitzvah if Gary Goodman was present! That says it all! Thanks for making as our party, (I’m quoting all our friends) THE BEST PARTY EVER.”
Eileen Kominsky

“Thank you for your wonderful performance at Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah. Our guests are still raving about the close up magic and your charming personality. For us, the SPECTACULAR INTRODUCTION of Jordon was a highlight. Thanks again for a truly “magical” evening.”
Steven Kraft

“The Party was a great success and your magic made it that much more fabulous. I will recommend you in the future.”
Marci Langley

“IT WAS MAGICAL…at Stacey’s Bat Mitzvah. We received so many compliments on your show and professionalism. The children were kept busy throughout the entire afternoon…not an easy feat for a group of 45 children ages 3 thru 15. We will definitely recommend you and your show to anyone needing a professional and fun magician.”
Jill Luks

“Thank you!!! Your performance was excellent. You made my son feel very special. The Production Illusion was fantastic!”
Fabian Neiman

“Thank you for your fabulously exciting display of your magical talent. The boys and girls couldn’t get enough of you.”
Meryl Palgon

“The magical production of Michael and your sleight of hand was outstanding. You helped make Michael’s Bar Mitzvah.”
JoAnn Procacci

“THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did at Eric’s Bar Mitzvah. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed your show.”
M. Rausher

“Thank you for a mystifying magical show and your skillful sleight of hand illusions at Stacy’s Bat Mitzvah. The kids were delighted, the adults were impressed…you made the night!
Adrienne B. Riba

“Thank you for the excellent performance you gave at Josh’s Bar Mitzvah. People are still asking how Josh appeared in that box at his Bar Mitzvah! Your “magical production of Josh” is something people will always remember about Josh’s Bar Mitzvah. It helped make this affair stand out from the others.”
Wendy Rosenberg

“Thanks for an outstanding performance at Marc’s Bar Mitzvah. The sleight of hand magic had everyone amazed and thoroughly amused. We will be recommending you to all our friends.”
Mel Rothberg

“The phone and e-mails have not stopped all week with only positive exclamations regarding the day, and so much was mentioned about your magic! Nathaniel was just thrilled with the day and his magical entrance was certainly a highlight. I assure you that you will be my first recommendation with my clients any time magic is a possibility.”
Lori Judd Salz, Awesome Events

“As a former amateur magician, I am not easily impressed by close up magic. Gary Goodman is fresh and VERY entertaining. He was perfect for my son’s Bar Mitzvah with endless routines performed at the children’s tables. I was particularly impressed by Gary’s ability to tailor his work to different children of different ages. I am eager to have Gary at another event.”
David Sales

“Thanks so much for making Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah a “success.” You were magical, entertaining, funny, and very memorable. Everyone enjoyed your magic show and is still talking about it in Andrew’s school.”
Yale and Susan Samole

“I’ve received so many compliments about your performances at Stuart’s Bar Mitzvah. Every time I looked up, there you were entertaining a table or group of kids and holding their attention. Thank you so much for adding to our special event.”
Lori Schneider

“Your performance at Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah was “par excellence.” Jeremy’s entrance was spectacular. Our friends and relatives are still talking about what a great time they had and what a wonderful addition the Illusionist was to the evening. Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah was a night we will always look back on with delight. Thank you for making it a “Magical” evening”
Merryl Selbst

“We enjoyed all your great entertainment at Mark’s Bar Mitzvah. Thanks for making him such a large part of your show. We have great memories and hope to see you at future functions.”
Felice Schonfeld

“Your performance at Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah was “par excellence”! Jeremy’s entrance was spectacular! Our friends and relatives are still talking about what a great time they had and what a wonderful addition the Illusionist was to the evening. Thank you for truly making it a “Magical” Evening.”
Merryl Selbst

The Grand Illusion Show was just fabulous. Jake really loved being a part of your act. It really made him feel special. It was wonderful for me, as the host, to watch all my guests gather around and really enjoy themselves as you mesmerized them with your illusions. Thank you for helping to make this occasion one that Jake will never forget.”
Harriet Sharaf

“You are a
GREAT performer and we look forward to hiring you again in the future. I will definitely spread the word…”
Randy Shattenkirk

“Thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL performance at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Everyone thought you were wonderful. I will be calling you soon to book you for my son’s Bar Mitzvah!!!”
Helen Shub

“You are the most professional and truly a “premier entertainer” who brings out the best in entertainment. The kids as well as the adults loved the show. We will call on you again.”
Cynthia & Jeff Silverman

“Just as we anticipated, Adam’s “magical” entrance into his Bar Mitzvah party was a great surprise and a big hit. Many of our guests commented on the originality and overall effect of the production and Adam especially would rank that portion as one of the highlights of the entire affair.”
June and Jerry Spunberg

“To say your performance at Evan’s Bar Mitzvah was superb wouldn’t be enough. Our guests continue to rave about the INTRODUCTION of Evan. You being there that night made it an extraordinary affair.
Linda and Phillip Sroka

“Our guests are still talking about the wonderful job you did…the kids had fun and were well occupied and the adults loved the fact that you kept them surprised and in wonderment…you are a FIRST RATE MAGICIAN. Thanks again for helping make this an affair to remember.”
Barbara Stillman

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You and your assistant did a marvelous job and of course Josh likes to take some credit for appearing out of your Production Illusion Box. The entire evening was MAGICAL and EXCITING thanks to the both of you. You are OUTSTANDING!
Michael and Nancy Sunshine

“Thank you for making Josh’s Bar Mitzvah such a wonderful memory. With your help our evening would never have been as magical as it was.”
Susan and Michael Weiss

“My husband and I wanted to tell you what a
sensation you made at Steven’s Bar Mitzvah and how thrilled we were with your performance. Two weeks have passed since the Bar Mitzvah and our friends are still speaking of “that fabulous magician” we had at the party. Steven was thrilled with his magical entrance as were the rest of our guests. You certainly amazed and awed everyone with your sleight of hand magic as you entertained at the different tables.
“Thanks again for adding the extra special touch that made Steven’s Bar Mitzvah a
MEMORABLE and truly magical affair.”
Arlene and Gerald Weiss

“Your close up magic was perfect for keeping 60 kids entertained. I loved the fact that you were always there to entertain the kids who didn’t want to dance or play games with the DJ. The adults
LOVED your close up magic during dinner and desert. The Illusion Show was loved by everyone.”
Helaine Weissman

“Your sleight of hand magic worked wonders for kids and adults alike. Thanks again for enhancing our simcha. We will recommend your talents to everyone.”
Lori and Fred Wittin

“You were absolutely terrific at Ilana and Tali’s party. Everyone is still asking “How did you do that!” You are a very classy act for a black tie affair and I want to thank you again for your effort, professionalism and keeping the kids and adults entertained. I want you to know that I am recommending you to all my friends because I think you’re an elegant addition to a party.”
Bevy and Zvi Yuz

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